Pancakes and Tacos Sunday Dec. 11

Mark your calendars and take note. Sunday Dec. 11 is our monthly Pancakes and Tacos Breakfast event. Come one, come all ….. but just come. We need your help and support. It takes about 20 good volunteers to do it right, dispersed throughout the morning.

Since introducing our “Tacos-to-Go” program our monthly sales have shot through the roof. This means there is more work to be done in buying, preparation and delivering the goods. More sales translates directly into more cooking, preparation, packaging and serving. Taco rollers are needed the most. The taco rolling task always takes place prior to the completion of the 7:30 am mass at 8:30 am. Hence, most taco rollers are only needed from 6:30 to 8:30 am.

If all you can spare is a couple of hours, no problem! We’ve got room for you. It’s only once a month, and its always for a good cause — as the bulk of our budget is spent on helping others.

Besides, if you come to help out this Sunday I promise if you come this Sunday I’ll have a new Boudreaux joke for you — whether you want it or not.

Let the good times roll (tacos that is!).

Sir Knight Craig Whitley